Papuci-Władyka E. (red.), 2020. Interdisciplinary Research of the Jagiellonian University in Nea Paphos UNESCO World Heritage Site (2011-2015) – First Results, Towarzystwo Wydawnicze Historia Iagiellonica, Kraków, ss. 553, ISBN: 978-83-65080-96-7.

Papuci-Władyka E., Introduction

Paphos Agora Project and History of Research
Chapter 1
Papuci-Władyka E., Paphos Agora Project (PAP): its aims, stages of development, methodology and chronology
Chapter 2
History of the Research on Nea Paphos and its Agora
Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka E., Miszk Ł., A Brief History of Research on Nea Paphos (without the Agora)
The Agora of Nea Paphos — Overview of Research
Architecture and Stratigraphy
Chapter 3
Miszk Ł., Stratigraphy and Architecture of the Agora
Chapter 4
Rosińska-Balik K., An Overview of the Architectural Features of the Agora
Pottery, Lamps and Terracottas
Chapter 5
Marzec E., Kajzer M., Nocoń K., Methodology – Macroscopic Analysis of Pottery (table wares, unguentaria, lamps, and kitchen
Chapter 6
Hellenistic and Roman Table Wares
Marzec E., Kajzer M., Hellenistic Table Wares (from the 4th to the 1st century BCE)
Kajzer M., Marzec E., Roman Table Ware Pottery (ca. 30 BCE to the 7th century CE)
Chapter 7
Marzec E., Unguentaria
Chapter 8
Kajzer M., Hellenistic and Roman Lamps
Chapter 9
Nocoń K., Hellenistic and Roman Kitchen and Cooking Pottery
Chapter 10
Dobosz A., Hellenistic and Roman Transport Amphorae
Chapter 11
Droste M., Terracottas
Metal Objects
Chapter 12
Bodzek J., Coin Finds
Chapter 13
Metal Objects (other than coins)
Wacławik M., Metal Objects and Production Wastes: functional, macroscopic and space-time distribution
analysis of findings
Papuci-Władyka E., Wacławik M., Bronze Steelyard with an Acorn-shaped Counterweight
Biborski M., The Ringknaufschwert Type Sword of a Beneficiarius
Twardecki A., Lead Weight with an Inscription by Seleukos
Stone and Glass Objects, and Animal Bones
Chapter 14
Stone Objects
Śliwa J., Amulet with ιαεω–palindrome
Florek M., Stone Objects
Chapter 15
Cora P., Glass Vessels and Objects
Chapter 16
Croft P.,Animal Bones
Non-invasive Prospection and Landscape Research
Chapter 17
Seifert M., Antonakis M., Babucic N., Non-invasive Magnetic Research in 2015 and its Results
Chapter 18
Ostrowski W., Miszk Ł., Winiarska W., Hanus K., Low Altitude (UAV), Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Chapter 19
Kalicki T., Chwałek S., Frączek M., First Results of Geoarchaeological Studies on Site and off Site in Nea Paphos
Summary of the Results
Chapter 20
Papuci-Władyka E., Miszk Ł., Summary of the Results
Miszk Ł., Ostrowski W., Papuci-Władyka E., Some Remarks on Urban Layout of Nea Paphos