The PCMA Seminar series will host a talk (in Polish) by Dr. Łukasz Miszk, entitled “What would Indiana Jones say about the streets of Nea Paphos”. The presentation is related to an ongoing project investigating the spatial layout of Nea Paphos in Cyprus.

Abstract: “Indiana Jones, uttering the phrase ” If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall” barged into a scientific debate about what archaeologists are actually looking for, becoming even the protagonist of a scientific article by John Bintliff. Trying to determine the shape of the spatial organization of Nea Paphos has for many years been a kind of balancing act between archaeological facts and an attempt to propose a more or less “true” reconstruction.

Since the first research by Prof. J. Młynarczyk, successive scholars have been trying to resolve the question of the street layout of the capital of Hellenistic and Roman Cyprus. The latest attempt was made by the team of Prof. E. Papuci-Władyka within the framework of the project: MA-P Maloutena and Agora in the layout of Paphos: modelling the cityscape of the Hellenistic and Roman capital of Cyprus. In the course of the project, all information on the city’s spatial layout was collected, the results of geophysical surveys were evaluated, and a number of soundings were made to verify hypotheses about the distribution of streets in the city. As part of my presentation, I would like to offer preliminary results on the current state of knowledge about the urban layout of Nea Paphos.”

The seminar will be held n hybrid form, on Thursday, 30th March, at 11:30 am CET. To receive a Zoom link, please write to .