The first of this year’s PCMA Seminars will host a talk (in Polish) by Dr. Kamila Nocoń: “Middle and Late Roman cooking pottery from Nea Paphos. New data on old pottery”.

Abstract: “The presentation aims to present an ongoing project on the production and consumption of Middle and Late Roman cooking pottery from Nea Paphos. The pottery under study is the subject of comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis, applying combined archaeological and archaeometric methods. By using an integrated approach, it will be possible to understand the provenance, technology, and supply patterns, as well as interpret changes in the context of social processes. The first results indicate that there are groups of diverse provenances, forms and chronology within the studied cooking pottery. During the presentation, I would like to focus on the methodology and discuss some of the groups studied, as well as highlight future steps in the project.”

More about the project – LINK

The seminar will be held in Polish on Thursday, 2nd February at 11.30 am CET on Prosta 69 Street. in room 12 (6th floor) and on Zoom. To obtain a link, please write to the PCMA UW office: