The international CAA_2021 conference „Digital Crossroads” in Limassol (online) has just started.
CAA is an international organization of archaeologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Its purpose is to encourage communication between the disciplines, provide an overview of current work in the field, and stimulate discussion and future progress.
The Polish representation takes part in this annual conference, presenting the results of research conducted in Paphos.
Anna Kubicka, Łukasz Miszk, Artur Nowicki, Wojciech Ostrowski, Anna Fijałkowska, Paulina
Konarzewska, Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka – From 2D documentation to parametric reconstruction of archaeological structures and procedural modeling of an ancient town
Anna Fijałkowska, Paulina Konarzewska, Anna Kubicka, Wojciech Ostrowski, Artur Nowicki,
Łukasz Miszk, Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka – Towards discovering the similarities of regular Mediterranean cities using network analysis
Conference program
We would like to remind you that this prestigious meeting was also organized in Krakow in 2019.